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About BeWondrous

The Mission

Our consumer-centric culture hurts the planet. It generates a lot of waste. But people still need to buy stuff to get along in their daily lives. We believe a growing number of people are conscious that some of their regular products aren’t the best for the planet, and would choose to buy products that generate less waste and promote sustainability IF those products were easier to find, buy, and understand. BeWondrous finds and develops household, consumer products that promote better sustainability and less waste.

Our Philosophy

Look, I really want to do my part to help make the planet better. I worry about the planet and the environment. I worry about what I’m leaving for my kids. I’m just not ready to go live in a tiny house in the woods, cut myself off from the grid, and live like it’s the 1800s. I’ve got a family and house to take care of. I’ve got Netflix shows to binge. I don’t have time to do all the research and figure out what products really promote sustainability and the environment … and which are just hype.

Can someone just figure out what those products are and make it easy for me to do the right thing? Show me the way! If I can buy something that promotes better sustainability, great!

Why choose us

Relentlessly, Maybe Ridiculously, Upbeat
We believe in this cause. We believe in a more positive future. Our best customer wants to do something positive - but is frustrated that making good decisions is so hard. We’re the voice of positivity. We want you to believe we can all make a more wondrous future.
We do the work and find this stuff so you don’t have to. We’re a guide.
We hate when people “greenwash” products and sell them as environmentally friendly when they aren’t. Being ridiculously positive does not mean being naive. We’ll give you the straight shit.
Helping people helps the planet work better if you make it fun to do. And it goes well with being ridiculously upbeat.

We Are BeWondrous

Sustainable, Renewable, and Innovative.
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